The animal inside me


Hint: it has a thick, ever-changing skin I’ve been reading the short story collection by Rachel Rose that’s quite rightly longlisted for this year’s Giller prize. It’s called The Octopus Has Three Hearts. Animals figure prominently as fascinating characters and devices, like metaphors on growth hormone. I love how she’s got me thinking.  I slowed … Read more The animal inside me

Breathing into March’s twists and turns

I sensed a giant collective exhale as we entered March. As I write this the sun is shining brilliantly and the snow is giving way to patches of green grass. Over coffee I watched a couple of cardinals dance and flit about each other perhaps making plans for an upcoming nest in our lilac tree. … Read more Breathing into March’s twists and turns

I’ll wash, the air can dry

dishes in a drying rack

Our dishwasher is on the fritz. It’s a relic and so it didn’t come as a surprise, just an inconvenient truth. And after digesting the initial disappointment, I was surprised to find myself entertaining the idea of delaying a replacement purchase. Maybe we don’t need a dishwasher, I thought. Let’s be honest, there is a … Read more I’ll wash, the air can dry