The animal inside me


Hint: it has a thick, ever-changing skin I’ve been reading the short story collection by Rachel Rose that’s quite rightly longlisted for this year’s Giller prize. It’s called The Octopus Has Three Hearts. Animals figure prominently as fascinating characters and devices, like metaphors on growth hormone. I love how she’s got me thinking.  I slowed … Read more The animal inside me

Mucking around and coming clean

mucky boots

Moving past a fear of failure Have you ever avoided trying something new or different, something unknown, to protect yourself from the possibility of failure? Who hasn’t, right? I certainly have. It’s hard not to when we are conditioned to believe that the goal is perfection. And that anything less than perfect is a reflection … Read more Mucking around and coming clean

Cultivate concentration with outdoor yoga

outdoor yoga

Beyond enjoying the beauty of nature, practising yoga outdoors challenges our ability to focus Lately I’ve been unrolling my yoga mat in my backyard. There’s something so reverential about sun salutations under the fiery orb. The added challenge of standing and balancing on uneven ground perks up my muscles in new ways. Plus, the moving … Read more Cultivate concentration with outdoor yoga