Who is Lisa Rostoks? Well, that’s the ultimate question, isn’t it? Below is the safe, corporate description from when I was consulting full-time. You may learn more about me from this blog post. Soon you’ll be able to hire me to lead you in a yoga class and then write about it!

Lisa Rostoks

I am a seasoned business communicator and public relations generalist with experience in health care, consumer packaged goods, finance and media. I help organizations meet their goals through strategic communications.

Since 2001, I have been crafting stories that engage customers, employees and stakeholders. With a background in journalism and experience in publishing, my writing and editing skills are strong. I’ve been called a word wizard; I wield a red pen like a sword.

I am a skilled project manager and relationship builder who is goal oriented and thrives on working to deadline.

Have a look on LinkedIn at some of the roles I’ve held. Now, I’m an independent contractor, a pen for hire, and a consultant offering a fresh perspective and extra pair of hands.

Want to discuss your communication challenge, opportunity, a writing or editing assignment? Contact me at lisa@lisarostoks.com.

There’s more information on my consulting and writing services here.