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Have you ever felt uncomfortable in your own skin? It’s usually at those times we find decision making difficult, we lack creativity, and we seek advice and approval from external sources. As a yoga teacher, I know that being connected to your body means: 

  • you can communicate with confidence because your actions are aligned with your words;
  • you can access your intuition and make decisions that are right for you; and
  • you can tap into your creativity by knowing how to inspire yourself and quiet your inner critic.

I help you connect with your body to free your creative mind — and spirit! 

The mainstream health and wellness community is finally catching up to what yogis, somatic therapists, and movement coaches have expressed for decades. Our bodies are our minds. Connecting the two is vital to personal development and wellness. 

Through yoga and meditation classes, you learn to listen to your body, to watch your mind, and to work with your natural rhythms. Add in a dash of guided writing practice and inspiring readings, and I’ll help you to find your own answers to your creative challenges, whether that’s how to lead your team, communicate with your family, or maximize your artistic endeavours. 

My path to yoga teaching

I’m Lisa and I’m a writer. Since 2001, I’ve been crafting stories for business media and for organizations to influence customers, employees, and stakeholders. My background is in journalism and I used that to help leaders communicate effectively. But there was something missing. I was giving so much love and attention to others’ stories, to helping them communicate, that I was neglecting the power of my own story. I kept seeking.

In the midst of a successful career in corporate communications, I completed my yoga teacher training with the renowned Yogaspace studio in Toronto. As a teacher (and a lifetime student), I recognized how much more authentically I showed up in the world with regular yoga and meditation practice. And the creative voice inside me got stronger, as did the desire to help other people find their voice and lead with creativity, purpose and compassion. 

Connect with your body and you can change your life. 

Since embarking on this journey, I’ve made some significant changes myself. I rekindled a relationship with my soulmate. I left my home in Toronto, to redefine and create home in Hamilton, Ontario where I grew up. Now I’m giving back by writing and teaching to empower others on their personal development path. And that’s just the beginning!

I’d love to work with you. Drop me a note. Let’s connect.

Yoga does not just change the way we see things,
it transforms the person who sees.

B.K.S. Iyengar


“Thank you so much for this yoga introduction. I feel so relaxed and grounded at the moment.” Testimonial about Lisa’s yoga classes.

Kathy, Dundas, ON

“I love the flexibility Lisa offers in terms of yoga classes. I have done 2 series of online yoga classes and enjoyed both of them.”

Lucie, Hamilton, ON

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