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Hi, I’m Lisa. I’m a writer, yoga teacher, and change maker.
I help you connect with your body to free your creative mind.

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photo of palm houseplant

In loss there is growth

This is a post about what can grow in the dark places. The shadows where love used to be, the places that are tender and raw, that seem arid and malnourished, and yet give way to light and hope and growth. These plants have risen from the ashes of loss. They’ve been reaching for the… Continue reading In loss there is growth

dishes in a drying rack

I’ll wash, the air can dry

Our dishwasher is on the fritz. It’s a relic and so it didn’t come as a surprise, just an inconvenient truth. And after digesting the initial disappointment, I was surprised to find myself entertaining the idea of delaying a replacement purchase. Maybe we don’t need a dishwasher, I thought. Let’s be honest, there is a… Continue reading I’ll wash, the air can dry

A bug’s life

Yesterday the ladybug made its way downstairs. It was flitting about the light by my side of the sofa. The extra movement like a conversation. I wished I could decipher what it was trying to say to me, but I couldn’t read the pattern. These past months I’ve grown out of practice in the fine… Continue reading A bug’s life

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