Hi, I'm Lisa, a writer, yoga teacher, and maker.

My mission is to help leaders in their wellness and creativity, which are deeply connected. I use the word “leader” because although you may not have the job title of leader, we all lead in some way whether that’s parenting children to become independent contributors to our world, or providing an example for friends, family, or colleagues of what it means to be creative, conscious and kind. Someone, somewhere, is watching and being influenced by you, which I think is a pretty cool opportunity. We are all creating our lives and world every day, and accessing your best creative solutions to daily challenges will help us all live in optimal health. Learn more about my journey.

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Yoga and meditation testimonials.

As a yoga novice, I’m often worried about joining classes that are beyond my skill level. Lisa’s approach quickly eased my mind…

Johannah, Mississauga, ON

“Thank you so much for this yoga introduction. I feel so relaxed and grounded at the moment.” Testimonial about Lisa’s yoga classes.

Kathy, Dundas, ON

Written word.

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