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I really needed this and look forward to next week. I’ve had a pain in my neck for several days and by the end of the class tonight it is gone. Thank you!
Aurora, ONtario
Thanks for the great intro to yoga. I have always wanted to give it a try. I was really impressed with the professionalism of your course.
Hamilton, Ontario
Thank you so much for this yoga introduction. I feel so relaxed and grounded at the moment. The alternate nostril breathing was sooo calming and even though I thought I was a bit stiff during a few of the poses, the after effect is the feeling of a much more fluid body movement and more energy.
Dundas, Ontario
I love the calm, authentic approach and demeanour that Lisa brings to her yoga practices. She’s so welcoming, encouraging us to focus on what’s important – connecting breath with movement, being mindful throughout the practice and encouraging us to make our yoga practice our own. Attending one of Lisa’s yoga practices is a welcome respite in my day.
Toronto, Ontario
Having tried a host of yoga instructors and programs in the past, I can say that I truly appreciated and enjoyed Lisa’s grounded approach to practice. Her Welcoming Winter’s Grace sessions were a great way to acclimatize physically and mentally to what can be a gruelling season. Looking forward to more!
Hamilton, Ontario
I love the flexibility Lisa offers in terms of yoga classes. I have done 2 series of online yoga classes and enjoyed both of them. Lisa gives option for different levels and ability throughout the classes, emphasizes listening to your body and not experiencing pain. Her voice and presence are soothing and makes the class that much more enjoyable. I look forward to taking more classes with Lisa.
Hamilton, Ontario
As a yoga novice, I’m often worried about joining classes that are beyond my skill level. There are some poses I can’t hold and some I simply cannot contort my body to achieve. Lisa’s approach quickly eased my mind as she provides variations for each movement to ensure everyone gets the most out of her class, no matter their level! Her mind-mind body approach ensures I stay in the right headspace between sessions and her calm, steady demeanor always leaves me feeling relaxed and at peace.
Mississauga, Ontario
Listening to Lisa’s recorded meditation before class had me really relaxed and ready for yoga.”
Aurora, Ontario

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