Breathing into March’s twists and turns

I sensed a giant collective exhale as we entered March. As I write this the sun is shining brilliantly and the snow is giving way to patches of green grass. Over coffee I watched a couple of cardinals dance and flit about each other perhaps making plans for an upcoming nest in our lilac tree.… Continue reading Breathing into March’s twists and turns

In loss there is growth

photo of palm houseplant

This is a post about what can grow in the dark places. The shadows where love used to be, the places that are tender and raw, that seem arid and malnourished, and yet give way to light and hope and growth. These plants have risen from the ashes of loss. They’ve been reaching for the… Continue reading In loss there is growth

The language of signs

Do you believe in signs? I do. Although historically I believed in them as a way to confirm what I thought I should do, as in, “please, Universe, show me a sign if I should do X.” It was another form of seeking external validation and approval. Those signs never came. Have you heard the… Continue reading The language of signs