“Feelings come and go
like clouds in a windy sky.
Conscious breathing
is my anchor.”
– Thich Nhat Hahn

Meditation is about noticing the natural movement of the mind. Thoughts come and go whether we actively “think” them or not. By noticing this and the nature of those thoughts, we begin to realize that we are not defined by our thoughts and they are not true. We can become less attached to the voice in our mind and choose where to place our attention. This is the simplest way to freedom. That doesn’t mean it’s easy!

Start noticing with guided meditation, like the one below. More to come!

Basic sitting meditation.

Yoga can be less intimidating and safer if you use some props to assist you. And you don’t need to purchase a lot of “gear” to incorporate props into your yoga practice. Believe it or not, some common household items like toilet paper rolls can be used as props. In the examples in the video on the left, I’m using the rolls to extend my arms and provide some stability.

Need to generate some power and confidence?

Try Goddess pose. You can easily do this in a bathroom stall before a big meeting or presentation. Think of it like a wide-ish leg squat, arms and chest are open with the arms like a “W” or cactus (minus the cupcake I had here). Tighten your low belly to avoid your hips and buttocks tilting too far behind you or in front of you. Breathe deeply and test what feels better – a big smile, maybe a roar, or maybe closing your eyes and feeling the air fill your open body. Notice your weight pressing into the ground and feel strong and supported by the earth. Now go get ’em!