So, what are you up to now?

Last updated May 25, 2023


As someone who has suffered debilitating migraine attacks since I was a teenager, I am moved to support migraine patient advocacy efforts with two recent freelance projects. I am writing and editing two reports for Migraine Canada, which will help to create awareness about the experience of patients and advocate for improved care. 

Creative Projects

Little by slowly I’m venturing into new terrain with my sewing machine. In preparation for warmer temperatures, I recently made a top with a lovely linen fabric. And I did it without a pattern! Holy moly. I simply chose a simple, boxy and flowy top from my closet and traced the design onto my fabric. Using some basic garment-making strategies, I had a new top to wear within a few hours.  


My family moved into a new home in December. It’s our first spring here, so we’re marvelling at the surprises popping up all around us. Daffodils and tulips in droves. A lilac has bloomed. Bluejays and cardinals and goldfinches making a racket out back. I’m in love!