Home practice consultation

My newest offering will support you to ease into the new year and yoga in a way that could spark lasting change. I’m offering personalized consultations to help you create a home practice that works with your body, schedule, lifestyle, and experience (or lack thereof!) as a yoga practitioner. Think of it like yoga coaching. We’ll have a 1:1 Zoom call and introductory yoga practice out of which you’ll receive a personalized set of yoga sequences, practice tips, and two follow up Zoom practices for coaching and support with poses and integrating it into your day in a practical way.

For $221, make 2021 a year of prioritizing yourself. (This introductory offer is available until December 31, 2020. The regular price for this service is $250.)

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What is the time commitment?

We will have three Zoom calls: a 1-hour intro consultation and practice, and two follow ups of 45 minutes each, which include a 30-minute yoga practice. These will be scheduled to accommodate you and can take place during the day or evening, as well as some weekend availability. The yoga practice I provide to you will reflect the time you have available and can be adapted to your needs. All three calls must be conducted within two months of the initial consultation.

What happens during the introductory call?

We will meet on Zoom. The first 30 minutes will be a yoga and meditation practice. After the yoga session, we will discuss your experience, lifestyle, goals, and any other factors I should take into account when building your home practice. You can expect to answer questions like:

  • Do you have any injuries?
  • What kinds of movement do you currently do?
  • Where would you practice yoga and what is the space like?
  • What challenges do you face? (e.g. trouble sleeping, stressful job, time for creativity, anxiety, little privacy from family for practice)

Why do we do yoga before the intro discussion?

Yoga practice brings us into our bodies and the present moment supporting a more meaningful discussion and connection. By guiding you through a brief yoga sequence, I will be able to assess your practice and it will provide a basis for our discussion, allowing you to reflect on things you like or find challenging.  

What materials will I receive?

One week after your consultation, you will receive a PDF package by email that includes:

  • At least one 60-minute yoga sequence with images and descriptions of the poses, as well as recommendations for when to practice
  • At least one 15- or 30-minute yoga sequence (based on your needs)
  • Tips for props and common household items you can use to assist your practice
  • Tips for incorporating yoga into your day in practical and sneaky ways
  • Instructions for one breathing exercise based on your needs
  • Suggested times for our first follow up call to support your home practice

Do I need to be flexible or an experienced yoga practitioner?

There is no experience required. This service allows me to customize yoga to fit your ability, take into account any injuries you have, and to start where you are now. Yoga can be adapted to meet many needs and can be practiced to achieve many objectives (e.g. energizing, calming, to complement running or other fitness programs). I will take your personal situation into account to offer a home practice that’s realistic for you.

How will we work together?

We will communicate via email to book our in-person Zoom sessions. In addition to the Zoom meetings, I will be available via email to answer questions you may have.

Is there a deadline for using this service?

Purchases of the home practice consultation may be redeemed up to one year after the initial purchase date. For example, if you purchase the service on December 15, 2020, it must be used and the consultation completed by December 15, 2021. Once the introductory Zoom call has been conducted, you must schedule and complete the remaining Zoom calls within two months. For example, if the intro Zoom meeting is held on January 4, 2021, the final Zoom follow up call must be held before March 4, 2021. This is to support you to establish a routine, continue the momentum, and to support me with scheduling.

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds available for this service.

What if I need additional support or coaching after the final session?

If you’d like to book additional coaching or private yoga practices, this can be arranged for an hourly fee. Please contact me to inquire about this service.